Who are we?

MA LOGE is a 100% secure mobile and desktop application, designed by Brothers for Brothers and Sisters around the world. It is the fruit of our own experience but also of our desire to design tools dedicated to Freemasonry in a world where Light flickers and darkness creeps.

Why a mobile application dedicated to the Masonic world?

MY LOGE was designed by Freemasons for Freemasons. It is a precious starting point because it provides a 100% Masonic mobile application and not a tool that would be adapted.

We created MA LOGE because we were sensitive to the great difficulty of mobilizing the Brothers to the Regular Meetings, Instructions and Agapes. A global trend that the whole associative world is experiencing. And yet, more than ever, the need for recognition, to feel together is essential.

Sensitive to security issues, we had trouble understanding why and how Lodges or Obediences use exotic tools that are not secure (Doodle, e-mail, TicketWeb, Google Sheets, WhatsApp…). Lodges try to create their website or use their own methods more or less handcrafted.

We were specially animated by the tremendous desire to revitalise our old houses and, not to introduce ritual innovations, but opportunities to meet, safely, to work together and find each other physically. In a way that the bond would not get broken.

A constantly evolving application

We don’t run out of ideas, as we will be sure to ask the Brothers and Sisters for their suggestions for features.

Optimal security

Safety is at the heart of our approach. Our technology protects 99.99% of attacks from the web. We share the culture of discretion so much and are too sensitive to the challenges of securing data not to have paid particular attention to it in this application.

  • Password authentication and validation by human tiling.
  • A Brother of the Lodge validates and is the guarantor of the Brother as a Visitor, Affiliate or Lodge Member.
  • My Lodge is a closed application that does not allow any porosity of the data.
  • The data AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard, 256 bits) encrypted with RSA encryption.
  • Control of rights for each query
  • Compliant with the GDPR