Freemason App dedicated to Masonic Lodges.

Thought by Freemasons for Freemasons.

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MY LODGE is a mobile and desktop masonic application
100% secure based on human tiling and an airtight system of encrypted data.
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All My Lodge on my mobile

Because it is becoming more and more difficult to mobilize the Brothers or Sisters in the Regular Meetings, in the Lodge instructions or the Agape, that Obedience use exotic tools that are not secure (Doodle, e-mail, TicketWeb, Google sheet, WhatsApp…) that each Lodge sometimes tries to create their website or use their methods more or less artisanal, we designed My Lodge, the first mobile application dedicated to Freemasonry, Thought by Freemasons for Freemasons.

You are a Freemason looking for a mobile application designed for Freemasonry?
You are a Lodge looking for a Masonic Lodge management software?
You a Grand Lodge looking for a management application dedicated for Obedience?

My Loge is the masonic app made for you.

Understanding security in My Lodge


Warning: this graphic shows how much apps spy on your privacy

We advise you to stop using WhatsApp and others for your exchanges between Brothers and Sisters. MY LODGE truly ensures the safety of Freemasons.

The application MY LODGE is becoming more democratic []

While the period of containment during the COVID-19 epidemic has forced most Lodges to use digital exchange devices that have been blamed for their insecurity, the application MY LODGE , now free, allows Lodges to maintain fraternal contact through a tool 100% dedicated to Masonic activities. MY LOGE is presented as a mobile and desktop […]