The application MY LODGE is becoming more democratic []

While the period of containment during the COVID-19 epidemic has forced most Lodges to use digital exchange devices that have been blamed for their insecurity, the application MY LODGE , now free, allows Lodges to maintain fraternal contact through a tool 100% dedicated to Masonic activities.

MY LOGE is presented as a mobile and desktop application 100 % secure (an application in a vacuum that does not allow any data porosity, encrypted in AES-256), designed by Brothers for Brothers and Sisters around the world. It is the result of the experience of its creators and their desire to design tools dedicated to Freemasonry.

The application is very complete and offers in its free version all the necessary functionalities, even if a premium version, paid but really not expensive, is available to provide some more collective management.

Watch presentation animations of MY LOGE ,
And I activate MY LOGE in 3 minutes

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